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You know first-hand the impact of the hip-hop lifestyle has on your business. Luxury, classic, and custom vehicles-dripped up and draped out, fully loaded accessorized, and music take center stage in our magazine. Rollin84z™ Magazine is the only and hottest publication dedicated to covering the Slab Culture in its entirety. That is why I wanted to make sure that Rollin84z™ Magazine is your next marketing choice. Incorporating music and cars is not a new idea, but we have brought this idea to a new level. We have accomplished this with very high standards for the overall look and print quality of the magazine. We've had excellent responses from our last issues, and our upcoming issues are sure to turn thousands of heads. Most importantly, all of our readers are excellent prospects for your product line. They are the people who make up the Texas hip-hop generation, establishing the trends in slab customization, music, and automotive industries in the Southern Region. Let Slab Rollin84z™ Magazine take your business to the next level with our very reasonable advertising rates. Musical artist, Car Clubs, Models, or business owners that are interested in showcasing your projects; please contact us for more details; we have excellent affordable rates. Are you hosting a block party, car show, or any event catered to Slabs; then contact us and we’ll come out to your location and cover it? It’s that simple.          

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Rollin84z™ is back from a five year hiatus. We’ve observed the culture and the directions it has taken over the years during our absence. We are excited to relaunch our brand, and continue to support the Slab Culture as much as we did in the past and more within the very near future.  We look forward to reconnecting with old members and building new relationships within the culture. We would like to thank all of our past customers, members, artist, vendors, and sponsors for supporting Rollin84z™over the years. 

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Rollin84z Magazine™ Coming Soon.....

Rollin84z™ , Slab Fest Car Show™ & Rollin84z Magazine™  are registered trademarks   

Rollin84z Magazine™ Coming Soon.....

Rollin84z™ , Slab Fest Car Show™ & Rollin84z Magazine™  are registered trademarks    

Rollin84z Magazine™ Coming Soon.....

Rollin84z™ , Slab Fest Car Show™ & Rollin84z Magazine™  are registered trademarks    


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Certified details on how our history of Slab's began, and details on the Northside/Southside Og's that pioneered the game. 



Up to date news and event coverage of all slab related events. Car shows, video shoots,  block parties and concerts. 



When you want your Slab to stand out from the rest and interrupt people’s attention at a car show, you need to properly build it. Learn how here.



Rollin84z™ , Slab Fest Car Show™, Rollin84z Magazine™ & SLAB SUNDAY'S HOUSTON™ are registered trademarks


Additional Information

The Slabfest™ Car Show & Concert presented by Rollin84z™ was the very first car show of its kind, dedicated to custom cars with the front wheel drive 30 spoke wire wheels.  At the time we introduced Slabfest™ (2006-2011) there wasn’t any car shows specifically for the Slab Culture, although this culture had been alive and growing in and around the Houston and Louisiana areas for many years. Houston and Louisiana were the main cities keeping this very unique genre of auto customization alive and lucrative. The Slabfest™ Custom Car Show & Concert was put together so that we could introduce our style of customization to the world, and to unite various car clubs, slab lines, urban neighborhoods, and local hip hop artist together to showcase for Houston at one venue.  Awards available were Slab of the Year, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. 

Special thanks to the following artist, promoters, vendors, and hosts:  

Dj Screw,Dj Frost, Slim Thug, Pall Wall, E.S.G, Mr. 3/2, J_Dawg , KB The Kidnappa, Ice Water Slaughter, That Boi Poyo, X-Fam featuring Jimmy the Kidd & Young Money, Reed & June of Street Funk Records, Hogg Life, Y.N.S.T. , Lil Boom, Sam, 2Deep, Kaneika, Iceberg, Hollywood, B-Dub, Locsta, D-Lee, The Hustler, DJ RBS, Wicket Cricket, Paul Hutchinson @ Street Funk Records, Texan Wire Wheels, WB's Auto Sales, T-Shirt Express, Slabhurta's Grafix,  Slab Customs, TNT Wheels and Tires, Slab Ridaz DVD Meyagi, BG Slabwerks, Andy Rollin"DTS" Graphic Design,and Pace Otto.  

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The Slabfest™  Car Show & Concert was hosted locally in Humble, Texas from 2006-2011 at the Humble Civic Arena. Slabfest™ is currently closed for business. However, our future goals are to re host this event sometime in the future. We would like to thank all of our past customers, members, artist, vendors, and sponsors for supporting The Slabfest™ Custom Car Show & Concert over the years.

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Slab Fest Car Show™ & Rollin84z Magazine™ are registered trademarks



Additional Information

Slab Sunday’s in Houston is an event put together for all Slab owners across the city and the State of Texas.  It is organized as a free event within several communities across the local Houston area. Slab Sunday’s in Houston will be hosted every other Sunday afternoon providing the weather allows the event to be attended. If we missed your neighborhood or Community Park during our 2018 tour, please contact us to schedule or co-host for 2019.


ROLLIN84Z™will present this event and host it along with more than a dozen other entrepreneur’s in the city. This will provide a monthly event that will help our businesses reach a targeted audience and customer base. Please visit and follow the SLAB SUNDAY'S HOUSTON™ 2K19 TEAMS Instagram pages or website's.  @THENEWROLLIN84Z -@LONESTARSLAB -@SWANGWIDEENT- @OGSHAGGDOGG - @2FANCY_HIRMCLARKE- @BULLDOGTV - @PRESIDENTIAL_TIPPIN- @SLAB_RIDAZ- @SLAB_RIDAZ_KINGKEE -@MEYAGI _5300 - 2GHEADWEAR- TEAM_NEVER_SEEN_DIRTY- @SERIOUSWHIPZ_THE_MAGAZINE-@AGGRESSORCLOTHING-@CMCRECORDS-@WILLEAN_SUC-@SPOKES_N_VOGUES

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Slab Ridaz DVD and Bull Dog TV "Real Slab Life" will be on the scene capturing live footage. Slab Ridaz Magazine will be  out with Issue's 1,2, & 3 available for purchase and taking photographs of your Slab along with Serious Whipz. 2ghead wear, Aggressor, and Will Lean S.U.C will have hats and other urban clothing available. If you need to get a quick detail Team never seen dirty will be shinning it up. Ogshaggdogg will be out handing citations if you come thru unholding. More details coming soon. 

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