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The Rollin84z™ online website, community, and forum experience was created around 1998 for everyone including myself that loved the slab culture. During this time there was absolutely nowhere online for us to go and communicate within our genre of auto customization like others such as Lowrider, Truckin, and a few other mainstream names. Before was created we all met on the slab ridaz Yahoo groups site or various parking lots for video shoots, block parties, etc. There was no Facebook, Instagram, or Google+ at that time. I believe we barely had Myspace and You tube was just jumping off. After being a member of the Yahoo site for a few months, I decided that we needed and deserved our very own website. Thus Rollin84z was born. Honestly I can’t even tell you how that name was decided upon, but that 84z were the desired rim to have back in the day. So the destiny of Rollin84z began. Although most members of the Yahoo group joined and supported immediately, there were a few members that didn’t like the idea of a new site. You native Houstonian’s know how we are here, very loyal to our clique and very slow to change in most things that we do. It’s just how we do in Texas. You gotta prove yourself first. 

Our community communicated mainly thru the forum part of the website. It is where we discussed things of importance like, who had a set of Og elbows for sale, how to properly bolt up, where to get candy paint done, and who does the best pop trunk set up, and a variety of other slab related topics and history. We even had our little fights, disagreements,  and beef like any other family within the forum, but as time passed we became a very tight car club  known as “The Rollin84z Fam”. The members of this car club were from various cities, neighborhoods, slab lines, rap groups, and professions. We were a diverse group of young men that came together to build the foundation of what you see today in 2018 known as the slab culture. The Rollin84z Family and the owner Chad C. aka SlabcityOg paved the way from our era for the new generation to enjoy and maintain for the generation after them.  

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Rollin84z™ is back from a five year hiatus. We’ve observed the culture and the directions it has taken over the years during our absence. We are excited to relaunch our brand, and continue to support the Slab Culture as much as we did in the past and more within the very near future.  We look forward to reconnecting with old members and building new relationships within the culture. We would like to thank all of our past customers, members, artist, vendors, and sponsors for supporting Rollin84z™over the years. 


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Rollin84z™ , Slab Fest™ & Slab Ridaz Magazine™ are registered trademarks


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This is an old flyer from the 2009 Slabfest


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 The Slabfest™ Car Show & Concert presented by Rollin84z™ was the very first car show of its kind, dedicated to custom cars with the front wheel drive 30 spoke wire wheels.  At the time we introduced Slabfest™ (2006-2011) there wasn’t any car shows specifically for the Slab Culture, although this culture had been alive and growing in and around the Houston and Louisiana areas for many years. Houston and Louisiana were the main cities keeping this very unique genre of auto customization alive and lucrative. The Slabfest™ Custom Car Show & Concert was put together so that we could introduce our style of customization to the world, and to unite various car clubs, slab lines, urban neighborhoods, and local hip hop artist together to showcase for Houston at one venue.  Awards available were Slab of the Year, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. Nowhere on the planet will you ever see a specific car show, for a specific type of wheel. That’s what made our business model so very unique and different from other car shows at that time.

Our business model was that of professionalism, integrity, organization, and excellent customer service. The car clubs, slab lines, vendors, artist, and visitors are what made The Slabfest™ Custom Car Show & Concert a huge success.  Of course every great idea or invention is always envied, duplicated, or copied. This is the reason there were a handful of copycat car shows attempting to emulate our business model during those years. We here at Slabfest™ Custom Car Show & Concert can understand why someone would want to duplicate our show. It was a fantastic idea to bring forth the best custom Slab’s all under one roof with a jammin’ concert packed with great local talent.  

We would like to thank all of our past customers, members, artist, vendors, and sponsors for supporting The Slabfest™ Custom Car Show & Concert over the years.Special thanks to the following artist, promoters, vendors, and hosts:

Dj Screw,Dj Frost, Slim Thug, Pall Wall, E.S.G, Mr. 3/2, J_Dawg , KB The Kidnappa, Ice Water Slaughter, That Boi Poyo, X-Fam featuring Jimmy the Kidd & Young Money, Reed & June of Street Funk Records, Hogg Life, Y.N.S.T. , Lil Boom, Sam, 2Deep, Kaneika, Iceberg, Hollywood, B-Dub, Locsta, D-Lee, The Hustler, DJ RBS, Wicket Cricket, Paul Hutchinson @ Street Funk Records, Texan Wire Wheels, WB's Auto Sales, T-Shirt Express, Slabhurta's Grafix,  Slab Customs, TNT Wheels and Tires, Slab Ridaz DVD Meyagi, BG Slabwerks, Andy Rollin"DTS" Graphic Design,and Pace Otto.  

Rollin84z™ , Slab Fest™ & Slab Ridaz Magazine™ are registered trademarks 

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The Slabfest™ Custom Car Show & Concert was hosted locally in Humble, Texas from 2006-2011 at the Humble Civic Arena. Slabfest™ is currently closed for business. However, our future goals are to re host this event sometime in the future. 


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